Sunday, September 8, 2013

Children's Book Organization for Less than $3

I encourage my two daughters to read as much as possible so I always have welcomed books into our home, even when my girls seem to scatter them from one end of the house to the other! They have two small white bookshelves in their bedroom that house all of their books, but one of the problems they had with putting them away was that they would try to put taller books on shelves that were too narrow and then end up laying them down on their sides. This would then fill up the shelves and not leave any additional room for the other books so we would have stacks of books on top of the bookshelf and in piles on the floor.

So in order to teach my daughters how to put them back onto the shelves, and with the spines out, I devised a system that even my youngest can understand. I used Avery Reinforcement Labels that came in four colors, to label the shelves and then the books that would go on them. I got a pack of 924 count reinforcement labels at Walmart for less than $3! I have seen them elsewhere, but they usually cost much more so I recommend checking Walmart first!

Both of my girls eagerly assisted me in labeling each book, putting the reinforcement labels on the spine of each book. We made a game of it, pretending we were librarians. It also made a great fine motor development skill for my youngest!

Now after they look at books, they know which shelf to put the books back onto and know to be sure to put them spines side out. The colors would help them know which shelf to put them back on so that they would all fit. It was a cheap solution to a big problem!

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