Thursday, February 14, 2013

I Hate Moving!

We are just finishing up the last of the packing for our move from Ft Myers, Florida to Avon Park, Florida and I am soooo glad its almost over! This has been a whirl wind move, having just found out that the Hubs got a fantastic promotion that required a move...just last week! On top of that, he has been spending days at a time in Avon Park, two hours away, so the majority of the packing has been done by myself, with two kids underfoot. Its been so stressful. I will be more than happy if I never see a cardboard box or a roll of packaging tape for a very long time!

I made a point to start with my daughters' room. I moved out the bed and all her furniture got cleared and pushed to one side of her room. This became the 'Loading and Boxing Room'. This way I could have all the boxes in one place, out of view of two mischievous little girls who like to peek inside and take out the contents of boxes just as quickly as I am packing them. 

I started off all this packing, very organized and precise. All like items went in with like items and boxes were organized by whatever room they would go into.  Everything that went into a box was thought over- "will this be something I will want in the new house?" "Will it have a place once we get there?" "Have I used it within this last year?" If it didn't fit the criteria, it went into the trash or pile to get rid of. All boxes were labeled neatly.....That was the beginning. Now I have the USPS Flat Rate motto in my head- "If it fits, it ships!" Things are getting tossed into boxes and taped up as quickly as possible. Bath towels, printer paper, and a box of batteries in the same box? Why sure! As long as everything ends up in a box before this Saturday, moving day, I don't even care anymore!

The start of the box stacking
Needless to say, Saturday, when I start opening boxes to put things away, things are going to get interesting!
Me and my mountain (oh look, a rare glimpse of me sans makeup too!)