Thursday, August 22, 2013

Learning to Write Using the Laufer Method

I think I might have come up with the best way to teach children how to write on notebook paper neatly and correctly. I call it the Laufer Method. I have seen kids writing on notebook paper and most of their letters are all over the place, not neat and tidy, even if they do form the letters themselves perfectly.

Step 1: The top line is purple, the middle dotted line is orange and the bottom is light blue. By the time children are able to be taught how to write, they already know their colors. Having three distinctive colors helps teachers and parents be able to show them a clear difference in the top, middle, and bottom of where letters start and stop.

Step 2: The middle dotted line fades to yellow. This is to help those who still need it to guide them to form their letters correctly while having it less obvious for those who are progressing to writing without the middle dotted line so prominent.

Step 3: The middle dotted line disappears completely and children should now be able to have an idea where it would be, to properly form their letters. The top line turns from purple to dark blue, transitioning children to what typical lined notebook paper looks like while still helping them distinguish the top line from the bottom.

Step 4: The top line turns from dark blue to light blue, identical to the bottom line. This is to give children a feel of what regular lined notebook paper looks like.

Step 5: Children can now begin working on regular lined notebook paper. They learn that the bottom blue line works as the top line for the following line while writing.

This method should result in much neater penmanship using notebook paper, the type of paper preferred in schools and is the universal type of writing paper.
My colors didn't really come through as clearly as I wanted in this picture, but you get the hint.

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  1. Another great idea for learning! Your girls are lucky and blessed to have a mom like you!