Tuesday, August 20, 2013

DIY Morning Haircare Caddy

Yay! School is back in session! That means getting back to a morning routine (no more lazy days where we hang out in our jammies all day!) but it also means there is potential for early morning chaos if things are not kept organized! I can not even begin to count the number of mornings we have had where we spent too much time looking for a lost hairbrush or a color coordinating ponytail holder while trying to get my oldest daughter off to school on time!

This year, I got smart, and made a morning haircare caddy. It contains all the things I need each morning to get my daughters' hair brushed, neat and tidy, and looking cute. I used one of those shower caddys you see all over the place in (purchased at Walmart) with the back to school/ college dorm supplies.

In it I put my daughters' detangling spray, Lice Shield spray (don't even get me started on the Battle of the Lice we had last year!), dry shampoo, brushes, Knot Genie, and styling things such as ponytail holders and their favorite hair bows.

To keep from losing any ponytail holders, I looped them through a shower curtain ring and then used another shower curtain ring to attach it to the handle of the caddy. This way I can keep them all together and not spend any more mornings digging through drawers trying to find one, while trying to hold the fistful of hair I just spent minutes sweeping into a perfectly coiffed ponytail or braid. It's been such a huge time saver!

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  1. That is definitely an awesome idea! You are so clever at organizing things.