Monday, August 19, 2013

Back to School 2013-2014!

Having just moved here in February, my husband and I are still learning about things to do in this small town. We moved from a town population of 63,512 to 8,825, and discovered it is more difficult to find things to do with the kids than ever before, especially during the summer, and especially on one income. Summer vacation meant having them cooped up in the house, too hot to go outside and too broke to really go or do anything. This lead to bored, restless children who would get cabin fever and drive each other...and me...nuts. But I am learning and am determined that years following, that I will plan ahead and be sure to keep the kids busy and entertained next summer!

Anyhow, school is back in session! Sweet relief! Its quite an exciting time- not only because now my oldest daughter's day will be busy in school but also because I am making a point to keep my youngest, who is going to be three in November, busy throughout the day with our own little version of homeschooling. She calls it "ABC School" since part of our "curriculum" is using's Preschool curriculum online. I also incorporated basic curriculum into our day. I will post more about it as our days progress.

Back to School also means new stuff! My oldest, who has always been quite a girly-girl, was very specific in the look she was going for. Its a mash up of Teddy from Good Luck Charlie and the girls from Shake It Up. Its hard to believe that she is only in 2nd grade! Boots topped her list in must-haves this year.

Since my youngest is quickly outgrowing her size 2T clothes, back to school clothing shopping meant that she too got some new threads! One of our most exciting purchases has been "big girl" underwear for her as we are making awesome progress in potty training.

Look at that grin! Someone is excited to "start school"!
While I didn't score any new clothes for myself this year (I don't usually buy clothes for myself except during the back to school sales, especially during tax-free weekend) but I have to admit, I am such a geek- office/school supplies make me happy, maybe just as happy if not happier than new clothes since I don't have that whole dreaded process of trying on clothes only to be discouraged and realizing that I don't have a teenager body anymore. I love having new pens, notebooks, etc. That meant school supply shopping went something like this: " Pack of paper for you, pack of paper for me...Spiral Notebook for you, two spiral notebooks for me....", LOL!

It's an exciting time for sure!

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  1. It is exciting! I am glad that school is fun and new break for you!